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Nashville Aviation Accident Attorney

Not every aviation accident case is the same:

  • A helicopter may crash because of a defective part.
  • A commercial jet airliner could crash-land because of an equipment malfunction.
  • A private airplane may crash because the pilot made a bad judgment.
  • A charter plane could go down due to poor maintenance.
  • A new aircraft might be destroyed in an accident because it was poorly designed.

Aviation accidents, though rare, are often fatal, and the families of victims may not know where to turn when it comes to determining fault, collecting damages, and ensuring that their rights are protected in the aftermath of a crash. It is very important to contact a lawyer whose practice focuses on aviation claims.

Our Tennessee Aviation Accident Lawyers Will Fight For Your Maximum Recovery

The same Federal Aviation Administration regulations that apply to commercial carriers may not apply to private aviators, and the laws that apply to plane and helicopter crashes are complicated. If you or your loved one has been involved in an aviation accident, you need to contact an attorney who understands aviation law.

From their offices in Nashville and Lebanon, Tennessee, the aviation attorneys at Keith Williams Law Group handle claims for clients statewide and nationwide. Keith Williams has handled claims involving helicopter accidents as well as private airplane and commercial airline crashes. He represented the family of a passenger who died aboard the commercial airliner Comair 5191, the commuter jet that crashed in Kentucky after taking off from the wrong runway. Mr. Williams served on the plaintiffs’ steering committee and trial team in that suit against Comair and Delta Air Lines.

Whether your case involves a large plane, small plane, or a helicopter-whether the aviator is commercial or private-the lawyers at Keith Williams Law Group will act swiftly to determine the correct approach.

What do aviation attorneys do for you and your family?

Preserve the wreckage for evidence gathering:

  • interview witnesses
  • evaluate liability
  • identify jurisdictional issues
  • protect your rights during interviews with authorities and insurance representative

Tennessee Aviation Attorney Keith Williams is a board certified Civil Trial Specialist with a focus on aviation accident cases in three general areas:

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If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a Tennessee aviation accident, place crash, helicopter crash or any other type of airplane accident call and speak to an experienced personal injury attorney at Keith Williams Law Group at 615-313-3999.

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