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How long Do I Have to File a Workers Compensation Claim in Tennessee?


Generally, you have one year to file your claim for workers compensation.  Don't get this confused with the 30 day time limitation you have to inform your employer of the injury.  This 30 day time limit is referred to as the "notice" requirement.  The one year deasline is called the "statute of limitations."

To satisfy the "statute of limitations," the claim must be filed with either the Tennessee Department of Labor or with the court.  To satisfy the "notice" requirement, your employer must be informed of your injury.  This "notice" should be in writing but may be verbal.  The problem with the verbal "notice" is the employer or supervisor may deny that you told them about the incident giving rise to the injury.

There are exceptions to the "statute of limitations" of one year and the "notice" requirment of 30 days, but it is best not to rely on these exceptions because they are not guaranteed.