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Pikeville Tennessee Doctor Killed In Airplane Crash Near Tampa Florida

Posted on Feb 26, 2013


The weather at the little airport outside of Tampa was bad enough to cancel instructional flights for the day, but not bad enough to keep skilled and licensed pilots on the ground, and Dr. MacManus was by all accounts both skilled and licensed.  Searchers found the still smoldering wreckage of his Piper aircraft in the deep woods and first responders had to cut paths to the crash site to recover the plane and Dr. MacManus.  His sister, Susan, teaches at a local college near Tampa and said her brother had used his after school money for flying lessons when he was younger. He had recently renewed his pilot's license to make it easier to visit his family in Florida.  Pikeville residents remember Dr. MacManus as a caring and responsive doctor who was present at the joy of many area births and provided solace when loved ones passed away.  The FAA is still investigating the cause of the crash.

Harold Cameron MacManus

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