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What Can You Do if Hit by a Driverless Car in Nashville?

A quarter of the way through 2017, the prospect of driverless cars appearing on the streets of Nashville and other towns and cities in Tennessee is becoming ever more a possibility. Only ten years ago, the thought that you could be using a driverless car yourself or be involved in an altercation or accident with one of them would probably seem like something out of a science fiction movie. But technology ca ...

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Are There Any Rules of the Road For Hazmat Trucks in Tennessee?

Every time there is a truck accident involving hazardous material, it’s not just the lives of the truck driver and other motorists at stake. Some material carried by trucks could potentially seriously injure any residents of households or even school children if the accident happened close to a residential neighborhood. The situation in Tennessee appears to be that state authorities do not seem to have any ...

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How Motorcycle Claims Involving Defective Products Differ From Traditional Bike Injury Claims

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident and believe that it was caused by a defect in your motorcycle's design or in the way it was manufactured, you may have grounds for a defective product claim based on strict liability. How is this different from a traditional motorcycle accident injury claim? First of all, unlike a traditional accident claim in which liability only rests with the party or par ...

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Retrieving Your Medical Records

Medical records are important for personal injury cases where the claimant is demanding compensation for bodily injuries (damages) sustained as a result of the actions (or inaction) of the liable person or entity.   If, as a result of the accident, the injured person sought medical treatment for bodily injuries, the doctor or healthcare facility will have records of this treatment and the medical bills ...

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Tennessee Personal Injury: Do you know the Ins and Outs of Accepting a Personal Injury Offer?

There are pros and cons to accepting an insurance company’s settlement offer. The advantages are that you can forego a lengthy trial which may incur large costs in court, but the disadvantage is that you could be accepting less than you’re entitled to receive. What if the Insurance company offers a settlement and I accept? If you decide to take the insurance company’s settlement, there are a few things you ...

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Chattanooga Multi Vehicle Crash Caused by Deadly Cocktail of Drugs and Fatigue

The multi-vehicle pile-up near Ooltewah in June last year that one police officer called “the worst accident he had ever seen” was caused by a deadly cocktail of lack of sleep and methamphetamine use by a tractor-trailer driver according to a National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) report. The accident happened when a Cool Runnings Express tractor-trailer failed to slow down and stop behind other traffi ...

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Motorcycle Accident Liability and Tennessee’s Motorcycle Helmet Law

Motorcyclists in Nashville, Tennessee who are involved in an accident often wonder whether they are barred from recovering compensation for damages and injuries because they were not wearing a motorcycle helmet at the time of the accident. While failure to wear a helmet at the time of the accident is not an automatic bar to recovering compensation, it is a factor that can significantly impact your ability t ...

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The Truth About Personal Injury Claims in Lebanon, TN

Personal injury lawyers help victims of injuries to procure justice in a court of law, or outside the corridors of justice. It is therefore necessary that a victim finds a good lawyer who will fully represent them and get the best deal out of a bad situation. Personal injuries may be categorized as: physical, diseases, psychological and others. Whatever the case is, the victim deserves to be duly compensate ...

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11 Safety Tips for Truckers and Other Drivers

Being a good tractor and trailer (commonly known as a “Big Rig) driver involves skill and plenty of common sense to keep themselves and everyone else on the road safe.  Some of the best safety tips for truckers are listed below. Be aware and alert.  It is important to know who is ahead of you, behind you and beside you, at all times.  To remain at your ultimate best, it is strongly advised that you rest wel ...

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Keith Williams Law Group Achieves Recovery Milestone – Over $50 Million in Client Compensation

Keith Williams Law Group Achieves Recovery Milestone on Behalf of Clients – Recovering more than $50 Million in Client Compensation   When someone has been injured in an accident, due to negligence or reckless behavior of another person, product, or company, they need the experienced, expert team of personal injury attorneys of the Keith Williams Law Group. Offering a free consultation and working for ...

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Top Causes of Auto Accidents in Tennessee

Being involved in an auto accident can lead to severe bodily damage, an increase in insurance payments, doctor bills, chronic pain, loss of wages, and even loss of life.  It is for these reasons, that every driver should do everything possible, to avoid an automobile accident. Auto accidents are an epidemic, especially in the United States, where more than ten (10) million individuals are involved in a coll ...

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7 Smart Tips To Avoid A Car Accident

No matter how hard you try to avoid it, car accidents happen. In fact, the number of car accidents is increasing in Nashville. Most people are in at least a couple of accidents throughout their lifetime and have to hire a car accident lawyer to help them fight for their rights. If you want to avoid an accident and legal repercussions, not only do you have to stay alert but you have to drive defensively. Her ...

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Nashville Economy Boom Brings Increase in Road Accidents and a Possible Repeal of the Helmet Law

With impressive performance, especially in the last quarter of 2015, Nashville has been described as the new “hottest banking market” in the country by bank analysts and finance experts. However, Tennessee road safety has become a major public health issue, with more than 187 recent incidents in Nashville alone, according to the Accident Data Center. The ADC said that 40% of all road accidents are avoidable ...

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How A Seat Belt Can Jeopardize Your Personal Injury Case in Nashville, Tennessee

Last January, the state of Tennessee joined 13 other states in adopting a primary seat belt law that fines first offenses. Last year, Tennessee was one of the states with the lowest penalties for first-time violations of the seat belt law. Today, the fine can top out at over $100 with a basic fine of $25. The reason for the spike in penalties, according to the Governor’s Highway Safety Office (GHSO), is the ...

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How Mediation Can Help You Settle Your Personal Injury Case

Mediation is a tool that is often used in personal injury cases to try and settle the case before trial and is one of the most popular ways to resolve a personal injury case. Mediation is an informal process in which a neutral third party, called a mediator, helps the parties to a personal injury case reach an agreement. In this respect, the mediator serves both as an evaluator and a facilitator. The mediat ...

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Almost 25% of U.S. Vehicles Need Safety-Related Repairs under Announced Recalls

The last time anyone counted, back in October of last year, nearly 260 million vehicles were operating on America’s roads. Ever wonder what kind of shape are they in? According to a recent release by IHS, Inc., the corporate parent for used-vehicle history providing website Carfax, over 47 million -- almost 25% of vehicles on the road -- still need a repair covered by a recall ordered or approved by the U.S ...

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The Facts and Real Truth about Car Crashes

According to CityLab, there is an average of 90 deaths from car accidents every single day in the United States. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) says that its latest figures show that in 2013, California, Texas, and Florida registered the largest number of fatal crashes, and that 57% of the country’s fatal vehicular accidents were single-vehicle crashes. There are thousands of injuries dai ...

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Safety Standards for Tennessee Motorcyclists

According to a 2013 study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), mile for mile, motorcyclists were 26 times more likely to die in a traffic accident than individuals in a passenger car. The same data showed that motorcycle riders were five times as likely to sustain injuries in a traffic accident compared to occupants of passenger vehicles. This increased likelihood of accident-relat ...

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The 4 Essential Elements of a Tennessee Personal Injury Case

When you are injured due another's negligent behavior, you have the right to pursue a personal injury lawsuit in order to be compensated for any injuries and financial losses they caused you to suffer. However, in order to succeed in a personal injury lawsuit, your case must possess 4 essential elements: Element #1: Duty of Care All personal injury cases begin with the presence of duty. The defendant must h ...

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