210, 2019

Juul’s CEO Resigns Amidst Vaping Crisis

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The CEO of America’s largest and most profitable e-cigarette company, Juul, has resigned, as the numbers of people dying from vaping continue to rise. Kevin Burns, the Juul CEO, has apologized for the rise of [...]

2909, 2019

OxyContin Manufacturer Purdue Pharma Goes Bust

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Purdue Pharma, one of the largest of the opioid manufacturers that has been struggling with massive multi litigation lawsuits, has filed for bankruptcy in a controversial agreement to settle the claim against it, worth 10 [...]

2508, 2019

Can You Sue the Owner of a Vehicle Even if the Owner Wasn’t Driving?

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You have been hit by someone else somewhere in or around Nashville. You know that the other driver was at fault. You know that normally if you were injured you should be able to sue [...]

2008, 2019

Investigation Underway in Michigan After Amphibious Aircraft Accident

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An investigation is underway in Michigan after an unusual amphibious plane nosedived into a popular lake. Fortunately for the two occupants, Tennesseean Tyrone Finch and his passenger, Patrick Jarman, from Deerfield, MI, they escaped the [...]

2907, 2019

What are the Most Likely Causes of Aviation Accidents?

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Aviation accidents have been much in the news this last year, mainly because of high profile media attention on U.S. owned Boeing Corporation after the two crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia that led to the [...]

1607, 2019

Air Canada Flight AC33 Turbulence Causes Injuries

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The injuries caused by sudden turbulence on Air Canada flight AC 33 between Vancouver and Sydney shows that aviation accidents are not always about crashes. Turbulence is a common phenomenon on long haul flights and [...]

1307, 2019

Hermitage Woman Dies in Small Plane Crash on Route to Chicago

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84 year old Hermitage resident, Dorothy Stockard, died when a small plane crash landed in a wheat field south of Kankakee in Illinois last Friday (July 5th). The other two occupants of the Beechcraft A36 [...]

3006, 2019

To Scoot or Not to Scoot: Nashville Mayor Briley Says No for Now

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Electric powered scooters have caused huge consternation for city authorities wherever they have popped up. Seven e-scooter companies in Nashville have now been told that they cannot operate, following the first death of a scooter [...]

1806, 2019

How Dangerous is a Tire Blow Out When an Aircraft Lands?

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Tire blow outs can happen either when a plane takes off or when it lands. What is the most dangerous? The latest aircraft accident that has happened, when a United Airlines Boeing 757-224 landed at [...]

1406, 2019

Can You Sue If Injured On Someone Else’s Property In Nashville TN?

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Slip and fall accidents are quite common and can happen at any time or place. We can't deny the fact that some of these accidents are due to our clumsiness, poor coordination or even dizziness. [...]