1801, 2019

The Dangers of a Tired Tennessee Driver

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Have you ever nodded off while at the wheel of a car or a truck? It doesn’t need to be a full blown nap; it could be a ‘microsleep.’ Even a second of inattention could [...]

1701, 2019

Strategies to Strengthen Your Motorcycle Accident Case

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Given the complicated nature of injuries resulted from motorcycle accidents and other factors involved, it is difficult to litigate such cases. There is a general belief among motorcyclists that they are discriminated and are judged [...]

1501, 2019

Factors that Make Medical Malpractice Case

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According to a recent report published by Johns Hopkins University deaths by medical mistakes outnumber the third official leading cause of death in the US i.e. respiratory disease. Having said that every year 250,000 people [...]

1812, 2018

Bitten by a Dog in Nashville? Here’s What You Can Do

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Man’s best friend is not always a friend to everyone and can be downright dangerous sometimes. Even dogs that their owners maintain have always been ‘friendly’ can become vicious in certain circumstances and it’s often [...]

1212, 2018

Unexpected Plane Landing in Burbank, California on Southwest Airlines Flight 278

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Earlier this week, Southwest Airlines Flight 278 overran the runway on its landing into Burbank, California. Although no passengers on the flight were injured, the accident could have left those on board the flight with [...]

1311, 2018

How a Medical Device Fault is Dealt With

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Every month it seems that a new medical device or product is recalled because it has caused injury or even death in someone that it has been fitted in. This can be heartbreaking for a [...]

3110, 2018

189 Dead in Indonesian Plane Crash – Lion Air flight JT610 – Boeing 737 MAX 8

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The Indonesian plane crash on Lion Air Flight JT610 that killed 189 passengers on a Boeing 737 Max 8 on October 29th has touched many around the world. The fatalities occurred shortly after the plane [...]

2310, 2018

What to Do If You’re in a Car Accident in Nashville

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Being involved in a car accident or road catastrophe is not only stressful but traumatic as well. Regardless of whose fault it was, the important thing is to remain calm and composed and realized that [...]

1210, 2018

What’s Happening With the Monsanto Claims?

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A recent personal injury case against agricultural manufacturer Monsanto is being appealed, but waiting in the wings are thousands of more lawsuits. The legal situation is being watched with bated breath around the world, but [...]

1109, 2018

When Buckling Up Doesn’t Work

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Tennessee rightly has a law on seat belt use. It’s mandatory. It’s hard to argue against the fact that seat belts and other safety aids like air bags help prevent fatalities and serious injuries in [...]