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189 Dead in Indonesian Plane Crash – Lion Air flight JT610 – Boeing 737 MAX 8

The Indonesian plane crash on Lion Air Flight JT610 that killed 189 passengers on a Boeing 737 Max 8 on October 29th has touched many around the world. The fatalities occurred shortly after the plane took off from Jakarta airport and landed in the sea. The exact nature of the crash is unknown, but there [...]

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South West Airlines Flight 1380 Engine Failure New York to Dallas

South West Airline Protested Against Inspection Order After First SWA Fan Blade Accident in 2016 South West Airlines (SWA) protested against a directive from the manufacturers of its CFM56-7B jet engines to inspect all the airline’s similar engines after the first incident involving a broken fan blade on a flight in 2016.  The near disaster [...]

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JetBlue Flight 50 Skids Off Boston Taxiway – Is Air Travel Any Safer Today?

The JetBlue flight 50 accident at Boston Airport on Monday 25th December 2017 was a reminder of just how close to disaster it can be when a modern airplane encounters a problem during flight or on the runway. The JetBlue accident fortunately had no serious consequences. No-one was injured or killed when the plane landed [...]

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Aviation Attorney Keith Williams on Southwest Flight 31 Accident

Southwest Flight 31 from Houston to Nashville suffered some type of equipment failure upon landing at Nashville’s BNA airport on Tuesday, December 15th. While it is unclear how the Boeing 737 ended up in a ditch along the runway, we do know that several people were injured in the incident. There were 133 passengers aboard [...]

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NTSB Report Confirms Pilot Error In Southwest Hard Landing

Two years after the accident that left several passengers injured, the NTSB has released its report on the cause of the Southwest 345 "hard landing" and it shows it was pilot error. It also shows that the plane did land nose gear first, which is a point that many in the aviation field have argued [...]

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Knoxville Doctor, Wife and Daughter Killed In Plane Crash

"We Have No Engines, I Need Help" Heartbreaking Last Words of Pilot With Family Aboard A Knoxville doctor, his wife and their college age daughter from Knoxville were killed when their small plane crashed into a house in Plainville Massachusetts. Joseph Richard Kalister, wife Betty, and daughter Nicole were heading to orientation at the college [...]

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Keith Williams to speak at ABA’s Aviation Litigation Institute

From lessons learned in the tragedy of 911 to the Comair crash in Lexington Kentucky to the Germanwings "crash by pilot suicide", Aviation Law continues to evolve and change along with the new technologies available in airplanes along with new causes of aviation disasters. Since beginning his aviation accident and disaster practice almost 15 years ago, Keith [...]

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Overloaded Small Plane Crashes in Winchester TN Injuring 5

Five people climbed aboard a small Mooney airplane in Franklin County, Tennessee, and attempted to take off. The plane apparently could not get lift to clear oncoming power lines so the pilot banked to avoid them and crashed into the ground. Some reports say the plane flipped once, but it looks like it impacted hard on its belly [...]

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Plane Crash In Illinois Claims 7 Lives Including College Coaches

Tragedy Strikes ISU as Basketball Coach and Athletic Director are Killed in Plane Crash Authorities report is was a particularly foggy day when the small plane carrying 7 passengers and crew crashed outside of Bloomington Illinois killing all aboard. They would not release a list of the passengers, but an email to ISU athletic staff [...]

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Early Findings of Germanwings Crash Point to Murder/Suicide

Preliminary Findings of Germanwings Crash Point to Murder/Suicide As the stunned world tries to absorb the preliminary findings of authorities, the horrific reality of a deranged co-pilot killing 149 innocent souls and himself on purpose is hard to stomach. While there were many possibilities floating around until last night, the New York Times first broke [...]

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