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Fender Benders –Who’s Fault Was It?

Rear end vehicle accidents, also called fender benders, are the most common type of vehicle accident in Tennessee and across the U.S. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) keeps statistics on all road accidents and according to their data, fender benders account for 30% of all vehicle accidents. That’s around 1.5 million rear end [...]

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7 Injured in Greyhound Bus Crash Bound for Nashville Tennessee

Multiple people were hurt after a Greyhound bus bound for Nashville was involved in a crash with multiple commercial vehicles on southbound Interstate 65 on Tuesday, January 16, 2017. The crash happened at about 8:40a.m. on Tuesday morning just south of Elizabethtown, KY.  Officials with the Kentucky State Police said the collision involved the bus, [...]

Is Tennessee’s Speed Limit Too High or Too Low?

It’s been thirty years since the federal government started to relax maximum speed restrictions on state highways which had been brought in during the previous decade, ostensibly due to worries about fuel availability. It’s hard to remember the rationale at the time, as global politics have gone through so many cartwheels since the seventies. It [...]

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Are SUVs Inherently More Dangerous to Drive?

SUVs have been implicated in more rollover crashes than any other type of vehicle, and the design of this type of vehicle has been cited as the main reason why this happens. SUVs and other vehicles with similar designs, such as light trucks, have higher centers of gravity than other vehicles and that seems to [...]

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What Can You Do if Hit by a Driverless Car in Nashville?

A quarter of the way through 2017, the prospect of driverless cars appearing on the streets of Nashville and other towns and cities in Tennessee is becoming ever more a possibility. Only ten years ago, the thought that you could be using a driverless car yourself or be involved in an altercation or accident with [...]

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Top Causes of Auto Accidents in Tennessee

Being involved in an auto accident can lead to severe bodily damage, an increase in insurance payments, doctor bills, chronic pain, loss of wages, and even loss of life.  It is for these reasons, that every driver should do everything possible, to avoid an automobile accident. Auto accidents are an epidemic, especially in the United [...]

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7 Smart Tips To Avoid A Car Accident

No matter how hard you try to avoid it, car accidents happen. In fact, the number of car accidents is increasing in Nashville. Most people are in at least a couple of accidents throughout their lifetime and have to hire a car accident lawyer to help them fight for their rights. If you want to [...]

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How A Seat Belt Can Jeopardize Your Personal Injury Case in Nashville, Tennessee

Last January, the state of Tennessee joined 13 other states in adopting a primary seat belt law that fines first offenses. Last year, Tennessee was one of the states with the lowest penalties for first-time violations of the seat belt law. Today, the fine can top out at over $100 with a basic fine of [...]

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The Facts and Real Truth about Car Crashes

According to CityLab, there is an average of 90 deaths from car accidents every single day in the United States. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) says that its latest figures show that in 2013, California, Texas, and Florida registered the largest number of fatal crashes, and that 57% of the country’s fatal vehicular [...]

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