The NTSB’s preliminary findings, as well as Southwest’s statements, seem to point towards pilot error on the hard landing incident of Southwest Flight 345 at LaGuardia in New York. Several people were injured and suffered physical and emotional trauma due to the plane landing on its nose gear, which collapsed and resulted in the plane sliding on its belly until it came to rest off the runway. The passengers and crew were forced to evacuate via the emergency chutes from the smoking plane.

See Keith’s interview with Nashville News Channel 4 about his representation of clients who were aboard Southwest Flight 345.

Keith Williams addressed the issues surrounding Flight 345’s accident, from the factual events of the incident to the steps the NTSB will take in investigating it.  He also covers the legal aspects of airplane accidents or crashes and the rights of the victims and their families injured or killed in these disasters.

For over a decade, Keith and his staff have successfully represented victims of airplane accidents and the families of victims who were killed in aircraft disasters. Just a few are:

  • The family of a victim killed in the Comair crash in Kentucky when the pilot attempted to take off from the wrong runway
  • A family of three who were onboard Southwest Flight 2294 when a hole in the fuselage forced an emergency landing
  • Three passengers onboard American Airlines Flight 1400 when the engine caught fire forcing an emergency landing
  • The family of a pilot who was killed when the blades on the Robinson R44 helicopter he was piloting delaminated causing him to lose control and crash

After an aviation accident such as the above, our aviation lawyers are fully prepared to conduct the most thorough investigation possible into the cause of the event and determine how these mistakes can be avoided in the future. More importantly, we stand ready to fight to protect the rights and recovery of the victims of these incidents, as well as their families.

Attorney Keith Williams is a board certified Civil Trial Specialist with a focus on Tennessee aviation accident cases. He “wrote the book” on aircraft accidents and disasters for victims and their families. His firm, Keith Williams Law Group, has offices located in Nashville and Lebanon, Tennessee.