What information does a typical Commercial lease in Tennessee cover?

Commercial leases are very important since they outline the legal responsibilities of the Lessee (person renting use of the property/buildings and the Lessor (the person who owns and/or is renting the property/buildings). Typical leases for commercial business includes the following legal considerations, known as the TERMS AND CONDITIONS:

1.  Term and Rent.

2.  Use.

3.  Care and Maintenance of Premises.

4.  Alternations. 

5.  Ordinances and Statutes.

6.  Assignment and Subletting.

7.  Utilities.  

8.  Entry and Inspection. 

9.  Indemnification of Lessor.  

10.  Insurance.  

11.  Eminent Domain. 

12.  Destruction of Premises. 

13.  Lessor’s Remedies on Default.

14.  Security Deposit.

15.  Attorney’s Fees.

16.  Waiver.

17.   Notices.

18.  Heirs, Assigns, Successors.  

19.  Entire Agreement.

20.  Signatures/Dates/Notary Section