“From single victim helicopter crashes, to commercial airline disasters, we help the victims and their families through the difficult and confusing aftermath of an aircraft accident, and take charge of obtaining justice on their behalf from those responsible.”

~Keith Williams

     Every day, thousands of Americans take to the skies to travel. Many more use aircraft for various business activities other than travel, such as sending packages, monitoring current traffic conditions, or policing activities by helicopter. Although air flight is generally a very safe form of travel, accidents unfortunately happen all too often, and when they do it is often tragic in its consequences.

Unfortunately, aviation accidents that do occur are all too often preventable. There are many factors that can contribute to an aviation accident, such as pilot error, maintenance issues, structural defects in the aircraft, defective parts, air traffic controller decisions, or even basic defects in the design of the aircraft. Just as there are many different factors that can contribute to an aviation accident, there are different kinds of aviation cases.

When most people think of an aviation accident, they picture the devastating pictures of a large commercial airliner crashing. Most aviation accidents, however, involve small private planes and helicopters. Crashes involving airliners are generally referred to as “commercial aviation” cases, while those involving private planes are referred to as “general aviation” and helicopter crashes are called “helicopter accidents”. Because every aviation accident case is different, finding the cause or causes of the accident is often a very difficult job. Similarly, different laws apply to different types of cases.

For example, the same Federal Aviation Administration regulations that apply to commercial carriers may not apply to private aviators, and laws applying to plane and helicopter crashes are complicated. Although aviation accidents are rare, they are often fatal and families of victims may not know where to turn when it comes to determining the cause, who is at fault, and ensuring that their rights are protected in the crash’s aftermath. It is therefore important to contact an attorney whose practice focuses on aviation claims.

Keith Williams and the attorneys and paralegals at the Keith Williams Law Group handle commercial aviation, general aiation, and helicopter accident cases across Tennessee, the United States, and even foreign countries.