We watched in 2014 as millions of vehicles were recalled due to faulty Takata airbags and now 2015 begins with a second round of recalls for the same airbag. If you own a vehicle that has been issued an airbag recall, you now have two separate issues with your airbag. The first problem is your airbag could be filled with pieces of metal that will act as high velocity shrapnel hitting you in the head and upper body if you have an accident or the airbag deploys. The second recall centers around a “bug” in the electronic system that could cause your airbag to deploy for no reason at all (which is dangerous enough but then add the high velocity metal shrapnel). So, if you’ve already taken your car in for repair for the first go-around, you’re going to need to take it back in for a second repair. Currently, this recall impacts 2 million Toyotas, Hondas, Chryslers, Acuras, and Jeeps manufactured between 2002-2004. The airbag can just inflate for not reason while you’re driving down the road, causing you to lose control of the vehicle and crash. Additionally, due to the shrapnel in the airbag, you could suffer serious injuries to your head and upper body.

TRW, headquartered in Lebanon, Tennessee, manufactured the electronic control module that is causing the flawed inflator and is at the center of this latest round of recalls (which is expected to expand).

8 million+ vehicles were recalled in the first recall and it is expected that the 2 million vehicles will increase over the next few months.  TRW has declined to comment on their culpability in the dangerous airbags except to say that they intend to cooperate fully with NHTSA (National Highway & Transportation Safety Association). You can check the Q&A area of NHTSA’s website, dedicated solely to the airbag recall, to find out exact details of the malfunction, how to find out if your vehicle is involved, and how to go about having your vehicle repaired.


The driver of this vehicle, involved in a minor collision, was killed when his airbag deployed sending metal shrapnel into his face and neck. One piece nicked his artery and he died from blood loss before reaching the hospital.