When people talk about going to court in Nashville, they often talk as though there is a single courthouse in the area. However, there are actually numerous courts in the city, and courthouses can be found in some of the surrounding cities as well.

State Courthouses In Nashville

There are a number of state courthouses in this Tennessee city. There is the Tennessee Supreme Court, which is in the Tennessee Tower building near the state capital. Because of the location of this courthouse, it is easy to reach by bus. The Davidson County Chancery Court is located in the same building that houses the Nashville police department.

The Historic Metro Courthouse is on One Public Square, and the distinctive building is easy to spot. Lastly, there are several courts that are located in the Justice A. A. Birch Building. Here, you can find the Davidson County Criminal Court as well as the Metropolitan General Sessions Court. Underground parking is available in the facility across the street from this building.

Federal Courthouses In Nashville

There are three federal courthouses in Nashville and the greater Nashville area. The U.S. District Court Courthouse of Nashville is located on 801 Broadway. There is also the U.S. District Court Courthouse in nearby Columbia. This courthouse is on 815 Garden Street.

There is also the United States Bankruptcy Court, which is located in the U.S. Customs House. This building is near the District Courthouse and is located on 701 Broadway. There is parking available at the Customs House building, but it is not free. Street parking is an option, and there are also a number of other parking facilities in the area.

Courthouses In The Surrounding Areas

In addition to the courthouses that are located in Nashville, there are a number of buildings in nearby cities. It is possible that someone might be asked to appear at a courthouse in one of these cities rather than a courthouse in the city proper. If you have been asked to appear in court, it is always best to confirm where you need to be.

The Rutherford County Courthouse is located in Murfreesboro. This courthouse can be an excellent resource if you are looking for information on marriage or divorce proceedings. You can find answers to a number of frequently asked questions on the official website for the courthouse.

The Franklin Municipal Court is located in the city of Franklin, while the Hendersonville City Court can be found in Hendersonville. The Williamson County Judicial Center is also in Franklin, and it is just west of I-65. Lastly, there is the Sumner County Circuit Court, which is in Gallatin. Parking is available at all of these facilities.

While some areas only have a single courthouse, there are quite a few courthouses in the Nashville area. Because Nashville is the capital of Tennessee, a number of legal matters are decided here. Anyone that lives in the greater Nashville area should be aware of the local courthouses, particularly if they have been asked to make a court appearance.