Slip and fall accidents are quite common and can happen at any time or place. We can’t deny the fact that some of these accidents are due to our clumsiness, poor coordination or even dizziness. However, numerous cases are as a result of the negligent acts of others. Despite been wide awake, careful and cautious, you might still suddenly slip and fall due to some unsafe conditions in someone else’s property that you weren’t aware of. At times, if you are lucky, the falls might only result in minor injuries or even no injuries. However, this isn’t always the case and the risks of sustaining serious injuries are always high.

Due to the height and weight of adults, falls amongst adults often result in serious injuries. Cases of people dying due to slips and falls have been reported all over the world. This just goes on to show how serious a slip and fall can be.

Now, to the million dollar question, can you sue if you are injured on someone else’s property in Nashville TN? The answer is a resounding yes if the property owner or manager failed to repair or address a dangerous condition within the property premises which led to you slipping and falling and sustaining significant injuries. You are entitled to raise a claim against the negligent party and seek compensation to cover the damages and losses that you might have suffered.

It is always recommended to hire professional legal assistance when pursuing any legal action. This is due to the fact that professional attorneys have the necessary legal knowledge and expertise and are able to provide the best results. What’s more, most Nashville personal injury attorneys handle cases on a contingency basis. What this means is that you pay the attorney’s fees only if you receive your compensation. This can happen either through a settlement or trial verdict. This also means that your attorney becomes your close partner as you seek justice and will strive to ensure that not only are you compensated but that you are awarded the best amount.

Why You Are Entitled To Raise A Claim Against The Property Owner

What you might realize is the fact that in all states including Tennessee have a premises liability law, which means that all property owners in Tennessee, whether it is public or private property, have a responsibility to ensure that their properties are kept free of hazardous conditions that can cause harm to others.


If you are convinced that the property owner failed to take the necessary care of his/her property and this led to you suffering a fall and sustaining severe injuries then you should definitely pursue legal action. However, if you suffered injuries in someone else’s property after a slip and fall and aren’t sure who’s fault it is, you should still consult a professional attorney immediately because there might be factors that you might have overlooked or failed to notice.

Premises Liability Scenarios In A Slip And Fall Accident

Dangerous conditions within a property can cause the property owner to be held liable for injuries and damages sustained from accidents that result from the failure to address these conditions. Here are some of the scenarios where the property owner might be held liable

– If the floor is wet and slippery and there are no signs or cones to warn people to be careful

– If you experience an attack from an unrestrained animal or pet and it knocks you over and/or bites you

– If you accidentally fell into a hole that had not been marked or didn’t have any warning signs

– Presence of broken stairs and step which easily cause to lose your footing and fall

The scenarios that cause the property owner to be held liable are so many that it may difficult to exhaust them in one list. Your case may not be the same as the previous client and even the next client, however, a professional personal injury attorney is able to carefully and expertly evaluate the merits of your case and establish the best course of action.

A professional attorney in Nashville is able to help you seek compensation for damages such as medical expenses, pain, and suffering caused by the injuries, loss of income and earning capacity, property damage, loss of companionship due to the effects of the injuries and permanent disabilities.

Statute Limitations

It is important to note that there is a statute of limitation to how long you have to ensure that have filed a personal injury lawsuit in Tennessee. You can only file a personal injury lawsuit if the accident happened within the last 12 months.